Music of the episodes

Lee Holdridge composed the music for the first six episodes, and the Theme.
He received one Emmy Award for the background score of the Pilot and one for the song The First Time I Loved Forever from the episode "A Distant Shore".

Don Davis was the main composer for all the other episodes.
He won an Emmy for the music of the episode "A Time To Heal" as well as a nomination for "To Reign In Hell".


The music is regularly licensed, and each of the many pieces composing the musical mosaic of the episodes has a title. Here are the pdf files of the music cue sheet for licensing, listed in production order, which is of course also the order of che music cue sheet. {Thank you to JoAnn Baca.}

Episode 1 - Pilot, Once Upon A Time in the City of New York

Episode 2 - A Children's Story

Episode 3 - Siege

Episode 4 - Terrible Savior

Episode 5 - No Way Down

Episode 6 - Beast Within

Episode 7 - Masques