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gifts from Cynthia Hatch:

Subterranean Homesick Blues  (pdf)
written by Robert Walden
First House Draft, January 15, 1989
an unproduced script featuring the background story of Mary. According to The unseen Beauty and the Beast (1991), "This script, for all intents and purposes, was a 'go' until the show's ratings started to decline in second season. The fear grew that non-Catherine/Vincent episodes would reduce audience viewing even more, so those types of stories were dropped. Interestingly, the script was written by actor Robert Walden, best known for his portrayal of Joe Rossi in the CBS television series Lou Grant and one of the stars of Showtime's sitcom, Brothers".

Islands  (pdf)
written by Eric Estrin and Michael Berlin
Second Draft, March 15, 1989
an unproduced script featuring the character of Isaac Stubbs, written by the same authors who wrote the teleplay of The Outsiders.